sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2007

This a film made with Keila's help in a very cold afternoon.
The Cruise Affair

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Ana Maria disse...

Dear Iza,

We can see very clearly from your blog that you like swimming. Your film is sure interesting!

Ana Maria disse...
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Cris disse...

That's a nice movie.
Looking forward to the next episodes! :)

Mary H disse...

Congratulations on your directing debut! Hope to read more of your blog soon. Best wishes,


Dennis disse...

Hello, Iza.

Congratulations on your DFilm movie! It was very interesting! Like Cris, I'm looking forward to additional episodes!

These DFil movies are very popular with students and are a good way of using English (or, I suppose, any language) for communication in a wide variety of settings.

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix
(an online colleague of Ana Maria's)

Gladys Baya disse...

I don't know who Keyla is, but she seems to know quite a lot about using new technologies effectively... Congrats to you two on a great job!

See you online!
Buenos Aires, Argentina
(online colleague of Ana Maria's)